Simplify Your Solo Business with VoIP: One Phone, Two Numbers

The Solo Business Struggle

Stop carrying two cell phones

As a solo entrepreneur, juggling various roles is part of the game. Whether you’re a consultant, freelancer, or owner of a small online store, you’ve got a lot to manage—especially when it comes to communication. The last thing you want to do is purchase expensive equipment or have multiple phones just to keep your personal and business life separate.

Enter Proactive Computer Care’s VoIP Services

We get it, and we’ve got the perfect solution for you—our cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Operating from Port Saint Lucie and serving the entire Treasure Coast, we specialize in making technology easier and more efficient for businesses like yours.

One Phone, Two Numbers

Our VoIP services enable you to have both a personal and a business phone number on a single cell phone, with all the power of a full fledged business phone system. You can make calls, send texts, and even access voicemails from both numbers, all without having to carry around two devices.

Know Who’s Calling and How to Greet Them

One of the coolest features? You’ll always know whether an incoming call is business-related or personal. This ensures you greet the caller appropriately, whether it’s a potential client or your mom checking in.

Text Away!

But what about texting? You can send and receive texts from both numbers separately with ease. Imagine being able to coordinate a business meeting and a family dinner without having to switch between devices. Our VoIP solution makes it happen!

Why Choose Our VoIP Services?

  • Cost-Efficient: No need to buy extra equipment or phones.
  • Flexible: Use your number anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Professional: Keep your business and personal lives clearly divided but conveniently accessible.

If you’re a solo business owner looking to streamline your communications without breaking the bank or cluttering your desk with devices, look no further. Proactive Computer Care’s VoIP services are designed with you in mind. Contact us today and take the first step toward a simpler, more efficient business life.